Thursday, 29 October 2009

Grayham Nash - Photographer & Singer

Grayham Nash has a theme of taking pictures of his reflection in anything that reflects. You are viewing him through the eyes of himself , hence the name of the book they are all in called Eye to eye.

This image (above) has taken reflections further, showing different perspectives of himself (a lot like what cubism was doing long before him, but still he's using a different technique so its different)

Grayham Nash also taken photos of other things/people. The image (above) is a close up of two people and because its a close up it shows off their relationship between both of them. Also I think this image wouldn't work as well if it was a shot further away because of the situation, you can see that this man (Steven Stills) is in 'thinking mode' from how he is staring into the distance whilst the lady is kissing him? or whispering in his ear?