Friday, 1 June 2012

New Project To Keep Me Occupied

Since my final major project deadline I've been thinking what i can do well as having a break.

I decided to start a new sketchbook and think of something/ a subject I could work on which would involve doing short animations, 10 - 20 seconds long,  so i can explore different things within layout, composition, colour, animaiton principals, different styles and the software i use to create them.

The main topic which crept up was 'Waiting' as that's what I'm doing at the moment, waiting for my degree show and marks! I came up with a huge list of places people wait, obvious and obscure and thought I'd work on them until I get bored.

I started with the 'bus stop' as I'd been getting them loads lately...

This is how I wanted it to look once I'd done a few sketches and observations from standing at loads of bus stops

This is how it turned out..

It was refreshing working on this piece, it was quick to do and picked up on a good few new skills in after effects on the way.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Work Experience at The Neighbourhood

During the easter holidays me, Jack and Sarah had the privalage to work at The Neighbourhood for two weeks. I found it really interesting being able to see how a studio functions and started to appreciate the effort that goes into running a studio.

The best part about being there was having the opportunity to work on a live brief. It opened my eyes up to how much effort goes into a brief in the real world and all the ups and downs of it.
It was also really good to be able to look at a aftereffects file and study some of the tricks which people do to make sure everything is accessible and changeable. Having the flexibility to change things round is vital when working on a brief because the amount of changes that come in from the client is unbelievable.

As I hadn't yet started production on my FMP I was able to take what I'd learnt from working at  The Neighbourhood and put it into practice. As a result my files and program files were really easy to navigate and easily changeable. getting feedback from tutors and peers and having to change/ tweak small bits within Im' animation wasn't a time consuming ordeal (as it would have been on previous projects)

Thats the main thing I took away from my work experience

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

FMP | Facebook

 As well as having group crits every other week to get feed back on our progress, we've all been keeping in touch via a facebook group.
Its been good for many reasons, getting instant feedback if you don't want to wait till uni, also when people are just searching the web, they may find something which will relate to someones project, in which case we can just post it on the group.

Its kept the creative flow going throughout the whole semester...

It started off with posts on general stuff and people posting links to things which might help with research towards peoples projects

People wanted feedback on PDP elements of the course

During the later part of the semester, people wanted feedback on tests and were asking technical questions...

And a potato for dave...

Holden and Son | Making Space

After a portfolio visit with Manchester based studio 'Holden and Son' me, jack, john and ashleigh were given the opportunity to create a short animation for one of Peter Holden clients called 'Making Space'.

Me and Jack decided to work together on the brief whilst Ashleigh and John went solo. The collaboration worked really well, we set out to join our interests together into one animation. Jack has a love for stop motion and I really like hand drawn animation. It was great because the client's logo had a character in it which I felt would be really nice to animate hand drawn.

The company deals with people with schizophrenia and mental disorders and helps them deal with it. The key thing we picked upon was that this company is helping people deal with their mental disorder, so we wanted to get this across on our piece.
The idea is that the character isn't over coming his disorder, but has found a place where he/ she can deal with it.
We both worked on the idea, I animated the character and jack animated the paper, then we brought them together into after effects and made it look visually pleasing.
We decided to add backwards vocals to give a sense of distortion in the mind of the character.

Peter Holden liked the outcome and said he'd get in touch with 'Making Space' and show it to them in the near future.

FMP | Title Shot

I made a big deal in my animatic that my title will be embedded into the animation after a couple of shots, this meant I had to make sure I, firstly,  have a title for the piece and secondly it will looks nice and feels part of the animation.

Becasue the first section (before the title) is suppose to be the day before, i thought it would be good to have a sort of time lapse of the sky going from night to day, then back to night. During this shhot the title will come up.
So heres some references for the shot...



The main thing I took from these videos is the way the stars move because of the turning of the earth. also, the amount of stars there are out there. Lastly, the colour changes as the sun rises ad falls.