Wednesday, 11 April 2012

FMP | Afterlife

This is how I picture the afterlife/ underworld of my animation. All done in Black and white to give total contrast from the 'real world', but still keep the same style of animation...looping two frames when there's no movement, you can see it in the piece of animation above.

Also, from watching the link below (sorry, i can't embed it for some reason) I want to add a bit of weirdness/ quirkiness to the scene. By this I mean distorting the characters at certain points, you can see it happening in the piece below at around 1minute 56 seconds.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

David Hockney Exhibition in London

Whilst in London I went to go see David Hockney's The Bigger Picture exhibition. My Mum and Dad had been just a week before and really enjoyed it (these are two people who couldn't be less interested in exhibitions normally) They even brought back a book of postcards from it....they were well good.

So I was pretty excited about going to the exhibition. When i got there I wasn't too excited about queuing up for an hour and a half. Once I was in there, it was a case of fighting through the crowds to make your way round the whole exhibit.

This is the exhibition (above), imagine that but with loads more people...

The work was great though, I had a different opinion on the paintings when i saw them up close from when i saw them far away. As I said out loud to Jack and John "you can really see his imperfections when you get right up close", although i was saying it in an arty voice to humor Jack and John a woman agreed with me and I ended up having a lengthy conversation with her about the paintings, so i had to keep up the persona for a while longer.

My fascination with colour in work meant that i was able to appreciate the work more than i would have done this time last year. The colours were just fantastic. he'd done so many pieces of work for the exhibition as well, and no two were the same, each were done with a different colour pallet.

It gave me so much inspiration for my own work, not really for my Final Major Project, but for what ever work I do in the future. I really want the book now.