Friday, 1 June 2012

New Project To Keep Me Occupied

Since my final major project deadline I've been thinking what i can do well as having a break.

I decided to start a new sketchbook and think of something/ a subject I could work on which would involve doing short animations, 10 - 20 seconds long,  so i can explore different things within layout, composition, colour, animaiton principals, different styles and the software i use to create them.

The main topic which crept up was 'Waiting' as that's what I'm doing at the moment, waiting for my degree show and marks! I came up with a huge list of places people wait, obvious and obscure and thought I'd work on them until I get bored.

I started with the 'bus stop' as I'd been getting them loads lately...

This is how I wanted it to look once I'd done a few sketches and observations from standing at loads of bus stops

This is how it turned out..

It was refreshing working on this piece, it was quick to do and picked up on a good few new skills in after effects on the way.