Sunday, 29 November 2009

Documentary on the making of Snow White

Always good to see how things used to be done. Put this on because of a good bit halfway through were he talks about sound, they show some footage of them making sound for the film 'Snow White'.
Also funny how they talk about women back in 1940's!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Foley Plans

This is the list i made whilst watching the clip of 'nightmare before Christmas' (with no sound) for exercise 5 - Foley.
The list is of all the sounds we would need to make in are team some how, some suggestions are made in the list as well.
The red writing is what we actually used in the final clip. some sounds we didn't make because we thought that either it wasn't necessary of something else was loud enough that it wouldn't had mattered.

(click on them to get them full size)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Foley Fartist

A very creative way of making sounds, Sort of!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sounds at Checkout

After getting the new breif today (have to make the sounds/foley for a clip from nightmare before Christmas) i was more bothered about the sounds products make rather than serving the customers at tesco. Wrote down things....

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My Hockney Joiners in New York

These were taken in New York, some worked out quite well, others didn't. I find the ones where there are more pictures the image is visually more pleasing, The ones that have two images in, look pretty weak.

This image (above) is alright, not my favorite, but it shows the scale of the building using this method of joining images together.

This one is very weak, only has two pictures in it so, i think, it can't really be classed as a joiner. Its not very interesting, but could be made more interesting with more pictures, even add the street on both sides to show perspective.

This is my favorite, the buildings bending and distorted takes away the realness of the image, yet at the same time you know what it is. Also my eye is drawn into the light bit in the middle and everything else come out of that one but, like an explosion.
Quite happy with this image because it came out better than i expected, in fact i had no idea how any of these would come out, i just took pictures and hoped for the best!

(got eight more of them)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

View Point in Goodfellas

*****Read Colour in Goodfellas (below) First*****

A scene really stood out to me in the film. In the scene the main character and his wife lose all there money, the way the camera positione
d, i don't think, is that important but the way the actors position them selves at the scenes end is quite clever & through out the scene the way they are is quite relevant.

At the start of the scene (above) the main character is shouting at his wife, he's standing while she is on her knees which shows who is more powerful.

Next, he's been brought to his knees which shows that he is beginning to come to terms with what has happened & he isn't a threat to her any more.

In this list bit you can see they are both together which sort of symbolizes they will get through it together, plus there still on the floor.
Also if you've noticed this is after the drinks have been mixed. What colour is the wallpaper!!!!!!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Colour in Goodfellas

I picked up on a few things while watching this film for the first time, some viewpoints & also colour.

This image (above) gives a good idea of what the colour pallet is in the film.
But there was something that i noticed which was quite clever, they used a lot of Reds & Greens in the film and for most of the film (especially the first half) was dominated by Red.

Not sure if its suppose to mean something literal but i found that it was something to do with the story and how it changes and i think that the colour changes because of an event in the film.
Something good happens in the film and then from that good everything goes wrong. This is cleverly shown by both the Red and the Green being mixed in a drink at a party celebrating this event.

For the rest of the film now, most scenes have both the colours together, for example on the wallpaper.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Littlefoot By Adam Philips


Flash series by Adam Philips (worked for Disney, but is now freelance),This video is half way through the series but its got some good view points from the main character and littlefoot & also some good shots from in the grass, looking/stalking littlefoot.

Sound effects are inventive which go well with the animals which are just as creative.

Little foots walk is cute as well :)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Video has Strong Language & Violence :(

Between 1.00 - 4.30 of this video is a scene where one of the main characters is asked to calve a 'C' on someones face, to show how much fear is in the characters face (the one calving the C) they've done close up shots so that you see and feel his pain. You can see that he doesn't want to do it and this is shown by these camera Angles.

Just after that, it shows him running away, (still use closeups)
the camera blurs which, to me, show whats going through his head as he struggle to come to terms which what he has just done.

Monday, 2 November 2009

War Posters

During 1930's - 40's Germany had a different viewpoint from us, which caused the World Wars. The posters used during the war by every country involved were trying to make its people agree with there opinion (propaganda). I've noticed they use the same sort of technique that film use to show sinister characters or to show authority figures.

Germany believed that Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsy's and so on, were 'different', looking at some German posters on the Jews you can see that they use close ups of there face to show there facial features which they thought made them different. Also by using close ups they can give them facial expressions that look evil.

A famous British poster from world war 1 showing Lord Kitchener pointing at us, is a good example of point of view, the image is imminently aimed at you and becomes personal to you.