Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My Hockney Joiners in New York

These were taken in New York, some worked out quite well, others didn't. I find the ones where there are more pictures the image is visually more pleasing, The ones that have two images in, look pretty weak.

This image (above) is alright, not my favorite, but it shows the scale of the building using this method of joining images together.

This one is very weak, only has two pictures in it so, i think, it can't really be classed as a joiner. Its not very interesting, but could be made more interesting with more pictures, even add the street on both sides to show perspective.

This is my favorite, the buildings bending and distorted takes away the realness of the image, yet at the same time you know what it is. Also my eye is drawn into the light bit in the middle and everything else come out of that one but, like an explosion.
Quite happy with this image because it came out better than i expected, in fact i had no idea how any of these would come out, i just took pictures and hoped for the best!

(got eight more of them)

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