Friday, 6 November 2009

Colour in Goodfellas

I picked up on a few things while watching this film for the first time, some viewpoints & also colour.

This image (above) gives a good idea of what the colour pallet is in the film.
But there was something that i noticed which was quite clever, they used a lot of Reds & Greens in the film and for most of the film (especially the first half) was dominated by Red.

Not sure if its suppose to mean something literal but i found that it was something to do with the story and how it changes and i think that the colour changes because of an event in the film.
Something good happens in the film and then from that good everything goes wrong. This is cleverly shown by both the Red and the Green being mixed in a drink at a party celebrating this event.

For the rest of the film now, most scenes have both the colours together, for example on the wallpaper.

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