Sunday, 15 November 2009

View Point in Goodfellas

*****Read Colour in Goodfellas (below) First*****

A scene really stood out to me in the film. In the scene the main character and his wife lose all there money, the way the camera positione
d, i don't think, is that important but the way the actors position them selves at the scenes end is quite clever & through out the scene the way they are is quite relevant.

At the start of the scene (above) the main character is shouting at his wife, he's standing while she is on her knees which shows who is more powerful.

Next, he's been brought to his knees which shows that he is beginning to come to terms with what has happened & he isn't a threat to her any more.

In this list bit you can see they are both together which sort of symbolizes they will get through it together, plus there still on the floor.
Also if you've noticed this is after the drinks have been mixed. What colour is the wallpaper!!!!!!

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