Monday, 2 November 2009

War Posters

During 1930's - 40's Germany had a different viewpoint from us, which caused the World Wars. The posters used during the war by every country involved were trying to make its people agree with there opinion (propaganda). I've noticed they use the same sort of technique that film use to show sinister characters or to show authority figures.

Germany believed that Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsy's and so on, were 'different', looking at some German posters on the Jews you can see that they use close ups of there face to show there facial features which they thought made them different. Also by using close ups they can give them facial expressions that look evil.

A famous British poster from world war 1 showing Lord Kitchener pointing at us, is a good example of point of view, the image is imminently aimed at you and becomes personal to you.

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