Monday, 29 November 2010


A pathetic excuse for showing us silly amounts of visual effects

The story's awful and, to an extent, been done before...characters situation too close to war of the worlds, the Spielberg one, (divorcee, with kids..)


Do we really need to see the statue of jesus christ in Rio De Janeiro crumble? L.A earthquakes? Las Vegas Earthquakes? A super volcano in Yellowstone? Tsunami's? Mt Everest Underwater? Air Force One Underwater? Hawaii on fire?
I'm surprised Roland Emmerich didn't put more shots of Manhattan Island in there...although i think he's covered that place in Day after Tomorrow and Godzilla.

As well as all this, do we really need to see the main characters (John Cusack and his family...and ex wife's boyfriend) managing to narrowly escape it all via car and planes by dodging falling buildings, falling cars, holes in the earth and lava?
Its too convenient that they didn't die, I wish they did and it would have saved me 2 hours 30 minuets of my life.

If you don't want to waist your time, here's '2012' in a nut shell, with a much better ending...

Friday, 26 November 2010

The Divercity of Pixar

For a company which makes films with certificate 'pg' or 'u', they've really taken advantage of this to get a message across to an audience which would normally shy away from the subject of homosexuality.

To show a younger audience that its ok to be who you are is a very bold move, but its so smart, young people look up to a company like pixar, everyone loves their film and everyone respects them, so to hear them talk about such a sensitive subject could really help people.

I can't think of any other company which would dip its toes into such uncertain area. Just goes to show how good pixar is, and how diverse they are.

Its a nice piece as well, giving comic relief where necessary then hitting you hard with stories which set off emotions which you thought only their films could set off!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Santa - "Kids, be more specific with what you want for Christmas, it's no good just putting what you want, I need to know the catalogue number so I can order it"

Monday, 1 November 2010

Kinetic | Idea of groth

The idea is growth, starting as a seed and growing into a space, until it has filled the space. Its suppose to represent growing up, having help at the start, then gradually growing up on your own.

This youtube video is sort of how we plan on animating the growing, starting at 7 seconds in.