Monday, 29 November 2010


A pathetic excuse for showing us silly amounts of visual effects

The story's awful and, to an extent, been done before...characters situation too close to war of the worlds, the Spielberg one, (divorcee, with kids..)


Do we really need to see the statue of jesus christ in Rio De Janeiro crumble? L.A earthquakes? Las Vegas Earthquakes? A super volcano in Yellowstone? Tsunami's? Mt Everest Underwater? Air Force One Underwater? Hawaii on fire?
I'm surprised Roland Emmerich didn't put more shots of Manhattan Island in there...although i think he's covered that place in Day after Tomorrow and Godzilla.

As well as all this, do we really need to see the main characters (John Cusack and his family...and ex wife's boyfriend) managing to narrowly escape it all via car and planes by dodging falling buildings, falling cars, holes in the earth and lava?
Its too convenient that they didn't die, I wish they did and it would have saved me 2 hours 30 minuets of my life.

If you don't want to waist your time, here's '2012' in a nut shell, with a much better ending...

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