Thursday, 2 December 2010

Faces In The Shining

Watched this film about two days ago, really liked it, loved the shots of the kid on the bike riding round the house.

What I loved the most about 'The Shining' is the facial expressions, especially the kid's when he looks shocked/ scared, Kubrick just cuts to his face looking absolutely terrified which makes you just as terrified! there kinda exaggerated as well which is really good, in animation to make something look realistic you have to exaggerate the expression, these actors do that well.

Even before Jack Nicholson turns crazy, he has some amazing facial expressions.

As he's starting to become crazy, Kubrick, in this scene, holds the camera on Nicholson for a good 15-30 seconds. When you watch it in the film, you can see how good the expression on his face is.

This is one of a few of the terrified faces

These two (above and below) show how Nicholson is constantly changing his emotions.

Here's another shot which is held for a good 30 seconds, there's something really creepy about theses shots.

Love this camera angle, below, really nice.

Shelley Duvall, who plays Wendy, just looks exhausted and on the brink of collapsing throughout the second half of the film.

Love Jack Nicolsons improvisation here (below)

The next four screen grabs, shows Jack just before he takes an axe to the bathroom door. He quotes the story of the three little pigs, "I'll huff and I'll puff" etc...

This guy confuses me.

Even when frozen, he has a great facial expression

Saved the best till last....this is from 'A Clockwork Orange', this guys face is just the best thing ever.

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