Tuesday, 21 December 2010

SpongeBob SquarePants

I've always been a fan of SpongeBob, but what is it that makes it so good. Well, for me its these...

After watching the shining and seeing exaggerated faces in there, there even better in Spongebob.

These first few are pretty normal, but still brilliant...

they stretch the facial expressions, making their face's unique for a few seconds.


this sequence is good, it keeps cutting back and fourth from mr. crabs then spongebob and Patric. each time spongebob and patric's face is different.




Patric ripped off some sticky tape from Spongebobs mouth...

His eyes are mouths

this is somthing thats good about Squarepants, sometimes they go into a close up, and the closeup is a painting, its always proper detailed..


in this one, spongebob's eyes fall out like egg yolk...


dosn't he look beautiful..

Its things like this that make Spongebob Squarepants so unique, they must have got inspration from Robert Clampett, who's cartoons were so unique, you could tell a Clampett looney tunes cartoon from a Chuck Jones.
Cartoons need to loosen up a bit more, especially 3D ones, there must be a way of incorporating exaggeration (of a Spongebob or Clampett level) into a 3D cartoon. Especially kids cartoons.

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