Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year Resolution

I turn 20 this year and i don't look a day over 15 (nor do i act a day over 15!) so I though (and i never normally do this) i'd make a new years resolution...

Now people make resolutions every year, like "im going to stop eating chocolate" or "I'm not going to eat mc donalds this year", but people give up on these ones after a month because they can't go without it or they forget they even said they would do it. The problem with these resolutions is that people are trying to stop them selves from doing something, my one is trying to make me do something.

Im not too sure when he started, maybe around 20 - 25 years old, but my dad has kept a diary since then. Its not anything personal, he just records what happens in his day. It sounds boring but 30 years down the line and 30 lots of 365 days, you have more than a quarter of your life in words.
Looking back at what we did on Christmas 12 years ago is fascinating, but the best bit about his diary is the lead up to me and my sister being born, I was 2 weeks late and the annoyance is shown in the diary (nothings changed)
But how can you get annoyed at a face like this...!

So for Christmas this year i got a 2011 diary and I'm going to try and record everyday :)

Keep a diary, and one day it will keep you.

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