Sunday, 30 January 2011

Character Design | 8 | Idea 61 Revisited

Ok, so, I went with the Milkman character as I thought it had more depth, and since I last spoke about him things have changes a bit!

Last time he was a milkman who imagines being a cowboy (as shown in an early drawing above), its now expanded into him being influences by what he watches on television and what he sees at the cinema, because that's what kids do...they go and see a film, then want to be like that character by acting like them for a day or two until they see something else (I'm sure loads of people did it after seeing the joker in dark knight...even you)

So this opens up more possibilities and isn't restricted to western references for example...

Here, he's just watched a war film (doesn't matter which war film for this sketch)

Here's a sort of treatment/ character in a nut shell...

Malcolm's dream job as a kid was to be a milkman, 15 years on and his dream had come true. He never lost his childhood spirit and his imagination is still as imaginative as it was when he was a boy. His love for film and television fuels his imagination and makes his job as a milkman much more exciting!

Here's some more of his development, not in any order...

Trying to get a believable face here (above)

 Me saying whats what etc (above)

 started to look at expressions (very loosely, above)

 This one (above) was a first look at what I wanted him to look like, I did this to scan in and colour him in...
 First look at colour for Malcolm

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