Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Character Design | 9 | Imagination

So, Malcolm (thank you Oriana!.....Oriana came up with his name) has the imagination of a kid, he see's things happening around him from what he's watched on t.v or at the cinema, but how can i cut from one to the other, and how do you know when its his imagination or real life etc.

One thing that i had in mind was to make all his expressions really exaggerated in the imagination, in comparison to the real life.

Heres a really really good animated short. I saw it a while back on 'cartoonbrew' website and loved it. Now its helping me work out where the imagination starts and when real life takes over.....

Love the camera angles and over exaggerated body lengths etc, but to focus in on the imagination side of things, I like the idea of building up to something, then just cutting back to the real world.

Another bit of inspiration which Rick Clapham pointed out to me was a 1960's film (became a television series as well) called Billy Liar...

This one below is fantastic...

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