Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Character Design | 14 | Bits I've Done Mixed into the Animatic

I've cut up the animatic, and put in the animation i've done so far, it looks good...I'm happy with it!

From this, i may need to scan in some of the animation's to a 1024 x 576 size. but some of them i can just zoom in on (like I've done...with the walk cycle)

I'm happy with the timing of the whole thing, and also the continuity...i think continuity is the right word, I'm talking about how he goes from the shot of him coming up (from putting the milk down) to then going into a walk.


After showing everyone in the class the video above, i got feedback in the form of post it notes.

For some reason I got the impression everyone wanted me to add sound?

So, instead of carrying on animating, I'm going to add sound to the video for the hand in day. (but i will probably carry on doing the animation in my spare time :)

oh, and here's a drawing me n' john collaborated on

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