Saturday, 12 February 2011

Character Design | 15 | THE Animation

This is a break down of the second shot of this story...

So I started off by recording my self doing the action...


I studied myself doing the action, looking at where my foot turns to go back into a walk on the way back, how I balance myself etc etc...

Then...I did a rough version of how it would look (I didnt do any key frames or anything, just went from the first frame to the last)...big mistake, here's how it looked...


It looks wheeey to real and stiff. I had to push malc's body, think of what mood he's in and lastly do some key frames.

I started by making the first frame really exaggerated

Having him balance on one leg to start with meant that he's going to hit the ground hard, which firstly means less frames, but also, he wouldn't just stop suddenly stop after than, his arms would keep going.

Rick was telling me about thinking ahead of the key frame, it doesn't just stop there, the character would go and do something else, what ever action he/she was doing leaves a mark on the limbs that are free, so looking at the this key frame when his left leg finally touches the ground...

...i had to carry on the force of that left leg hitting the ground whilst also getting his right leg to start moving forward.

Here's the final result


I'm pleased with how it came out, and learned a lot along the way.

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