Tuesday, 22 February 2011

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Go like three days to pick a television channel i want to make an ident for. I've gotta know what they stand for, there ethos, target audience etc...

Literally typed in 'television channels' into google and got this website which i picked channels which i thought might be good to create an ident for. !!!!LINK!!!

These are the channels that intrest me....

This channel appeals to me because i watch it quite a lot, probably the only channel i do watch really.....I don't watch t.v.

Here's BBC4 in a nut shell...
'The remit of BBC Four is to be a mixed-genre television channel for all adults, offering an ambitious range of innovative, high-quality output that is intellectually and culturally enriching. Its focus should be on the provision of factual and arts programming.'

So its audience is adults, has programs which are meant for enriching are knowledge and focuses in on factual and art based programms.

Here's some of there idents...

So at the moment they have this thyme of quartering the screen and making the peice of film look abstract.

Also, BBC4 took over BBC Knowledge in 2002...here's the ident for BBC Knowledge

Film 4
'I always remember when this first came out' ..... that was what i was going to put, until i realized that i don't remember when it first came out. I remember when it became a free service.

It used to be called 'Film Four' and looked like this (back in 1998...when it was a subscription service)

Film Four was second channels created be the channel 4 company...so in these idents we see the channel four logo split up (like it dose normally) but then one of the segments becomes the film four logo. so its feeding off the famouse channel 4 logo, so we make that connection between the two being linked.
Once it was established, it didn't need the channel four logo there...so it  just showed the film four logo. 

Then it became free in 2006 :o

Part of the 'UKTV' company Eden deals with...in a nut shell...
 'Eden is the gateway to the greatest shows on Earth. From the scale and beauty of BBC blue chip series like Planet Earth, Ganges and Superstorm to the revelation and intimacy of Tribal Wives and Big Cat Diary, Eden guarantees a daily shot of astonishment. With the aim of stimulating minds and provoking a sense of wonder and awe, Eden promises a bigger, bolder and brighter window on the world'

So they deal with shows from different networks, like from the BBC, the programs they show are like nature based ones, also looking at different cultures around the world etc.

Here's some of there ident's...

There using earthy colours and places which represent different parts of the earth, from the rain forest to the deserts to the north pole.

The UKTV company have all the logos of its channels circular... it looks nice when there clumpted together...but as single channel logos, dose it work?

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