Monday, 7 February 2011

Character Design | 13 | Animatic changes

Right, so the idea is that Malcolm's phone rings and he goes into a world of his own, where its like 'good, bad and ugly' and he's in a show down. Once he picks up the phone, he's got a missed call.

Here's the storyboard/animatic with notes on..

I'm doing two things at the same time really, I'm working out the storyboard/ animatic and also drawing ideas for how he will stand and what he will look like etc within the scene.
I drew this...

I liked the idea of exaggerating the 'putting hand in pocket' to get the phone, but up to now, the phone was on his belt, so i've changed it. Otherwise its going to look a bit drab, i think, i need to put some kick into him whilst he's in his imagination.

So here's the animatic/storyboard with extra stuff...

This is just over 30 seconds long, so it might have to be shortened...meaning this post was irrelevant.

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