Monday, 24 January 2011

Character Design | 4 | Research

So, the target audience is 4 - 14 year olds. What do kids of that age watch???

I started off thinking of a character which would appeal to the really young audience (the 4 - 6 age group) because it fitted into what the brief was saying about 'use [the character] them as a source of learning about the real world' and all the programs out there at the moment consist of learning about the world in some way or another e.g Charlie and Lola, Mickey Mouse (on the disney children channel) etc

So i was thinking of character which want to learn about the world we live in, like a baby (babys because they want to learn about the world there living in, always exploring stuff) or a robot etc, and then taking that further.
But i stopped thinking..........because.....

I have two cousins one is 5 the other is 8. I asked them what there favorite cartoon is at the momnent and i wasn't surprised by the answer....Ben 10.
My sisters partner has two sons, one is 3 the other is 5. I asked them what there favor...blah was Ben 10

Watching stuff like Ben 10, The Cramp Twins, SpongeBob, Fairly odd Parents made me realize that these character also inform the viewer about the real world, but in a more moralistic way.
Things aimed at 4 year olds etc are about learning about what colour a strawberry is, and im not sure this brief is asking for that.

So I started to look more at the older section of the target audience.

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