Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Competition Time

I've had a good look through the briefs on both YCN and DandAD and found about five which I liked initially (which could be moving image related)


Create a film which will turn support of Fairtrade into passion for Fairtrade.

I like this one because its for a good cause, it would be good to create something that would inform people of fairtrade. Researching it would be fun aswell, theres a lot out there to which could help make the short film (facts and figures, primary research etc)

Create a piece of communication that celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Sonic.

This ones going to appeal to a lot of people, it looks exciting plus we are the generation that played sonic (since the first sonic game came out in 1991) the target audience its so many people from kids to hard core sonic fans, and making something which both audiences can enjoy would be pretty exciting. You could do a lot of primary research into this one, as well, talking to people of all ages who play or have played it etc.....and for me, i was never a huge fan (but i did play the hand held games) it would be good to play and get a feel for the whole series and its style etc.

Bring Fedrigoni’s versatile range of papers to life to ensure they’re the paper of choice for existing and new customers.

I liked this one just because your promoting/ marketing......paper. It would be fun to create a campaign for something as dull as paper. There's so much stuff you can do with paper and its been around for so long, and for me its something I could not do without, but to promote paper to, as the brief puts it, 'Top fashion labels, boutique publishing houses, businesses with global reputations to protect and enhance' would be a challenge to say the least.


Create a lead character, with heart and optimism, for a narrative-driven comedy cartoon.

I love this brief only because its something i take a real interest in. I've always drawn from, like, 5 years old, and to be given an opportunity to do it in the form of a brief might just be an offer I can't refuse.

Design a platform for the BBC Archive that brings to life its cultural riches for audiences to enjoy now and in the future.

I thought this one was pretty interesting, finding a way to present some of the bbc's archive footage and artifacts in a new way. But its not really 'moving image' to an extent.

 I also went looking for other competitions out there at the moment on the web, i found a few, but most were amateurish or their based in the US.

I found one though, its based in the north (thats us!) called 'Northern Design Competition 2011' and it has a category for 'Film and Animation'.

I read that the briefs come about in early january...but there was something already there (on the 28th of december) that says about the brief for the different categorys, and its still there, it reads...

Brief: This category invites submissions from motion picture production in film and animation.
Innovative media which demonstrates a high level of technical competency will be favoured by the judges. Creative camera work and progressive approaches to animation will be held in particularly high regard. Entrants that clearly describe how their entry is suitable for its intended audience will do particularly well.

If this is the brief then its very open, its almost saying just make a peace of moving image. So although it was a nice find, i think i might stay away from it because i want to do something which is aimed at a specific thing or target audience.
I'm keeping an eye out to see if something happens on the website, but were in early January now...and nothings changed.

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