Friday, 28 January 2011

Character Design | 6 | Ideas...2

Instead of drawing/ doodling etc i though i'd think about jobs and see if a character could come out of what jobs i thought of.

I wanted to think of obscure jobs, something unique etc where do you start with something like this? Job center plus?...

...I work as a cashier at a tesco's, once i had a kid who watched me scan stuff through the till in awe and then after about a minuet of watching stuff 'beep' past the scanner, he said this to his mum, "i want to be a checkout man when i grow up" then, not even a second later he said "no, wait, i wanna be a super hero with fire hands!!!" and with that, he zoomed around the store pretending to shoot fire out of his hands at other customers...

...with this in mind, instead of going to look at jobs at the job center, i though i'd look at what kids want to be when they grow up. Everyone wants to be something really extravagant or something really random when there, like, 4 - 5 years old.

here's some of the crazy and also realistic jobs kids want to go into...

1. astronaut

2. doctor (boring!)

3. vet

4. footballer

5. train driver

6. farmer

7. ping pong player

8. zoo person

9. a pirate

10. cowboy

11. fire fighter

12. police

13. pilot

(this article is pretty entertaining, it has pictures and everything...even kids spelling mistakes) 

The idea

My initial idea was to look at creating a character who was in there teenage years, but once i thought about jobs it made me think, why not turn the whole thing upside down and have the character middle aged?

How can children relate to a middle aged man or woman though?

(not thought of a name yet so) a child in a adults body, his dream of becoming a milkman as a young boy, came true. He drives around in his milk float delivering eggs, milk and other stuff, to the people of the town.
But, like every other kid, he changes his mind, he's influenced by what he sees on television and in the movie, and now he wants to be a cowboy.
Living in the city is a thousand miles away from the wild west, so with his child like mind and job as a milk man, he'll just have to imagine it.

so, this guy is made up of the characteristics of kids but on top of this, he got the job of his dreams. Kinda like a kid in a adults body. kids could relate to this because this is them 30 years down the line...if they keep the same mind set.

Here's some drawings...

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