Saturday, 29 January 2011

Character Design | 7 | Ideas again

Keeping with the same theme of 'big kid' my other character is far out to the right.

I went even further with the age range and started thinking about old people. Retirement homes are like going back to when your young again, your back in a house with people 'in charge of you', you have to eat what people give you, and you gotta be in bed by a certain time.....

The Idea

I was thinking about having an 80 year old man who craves to be back in his childhood, but living in a retirement home restricts him from having fun. The retirement  home is a mixture of the home he grew up in and the school he went to as a child, and he'll do anything to get his kicks in this old folks home.

another way of going with this character is (i was talking to rick, and he suggested...) this is an old man who loves to talk about all his adventures he got up it in his life, and he'll act them out to his grandchildren or something. He'll tell tails of when he went to sea, when he was in the war, when he went to the shops and got attacked by a bear (his stories aren't too accurate)

 someone said he looked like grampa simpson, then i realized that, yes, he dose look like grampa i rethought him, for the better.

 this old man's had a long life, i think of him as around 80, so he's gonna have a lot of knowledge of stuff from his 80 years on earth, go i gave him a big head

He was going to be called Vivian Maguire, but I've decided to go with the milkman idea, and develop that further, we think it has more potential.

Goodbye Vivian!

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