Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dark Matters Exhibition

I'm going to talk about two pieces from the exhibition. One made me think for a second, the other made me say in my head 'ahh, interesting'. 

by Elin O'Hara Slavick

These [above] are flowers

It looked nicer in the exhibition space...the white bits looked more creamy coloured, from the light, which appealed to me. Still though, doesn't matter, once I'd found out what it was all about, the colour didn't matter anymore.
I thought it was just paint on canvas...but i was totally wrong. This is how its done...

'the historic technique of laying objects and natural forms onto paper impregnated with cyanide salts and exposing them to sunlight'

its more photographic and has nothing to do with paint on canvas. The technique, although serves a vital part in getting across O'Hara Slavick's point, isn't (in my opinion) the main focus. It’s the items which are the most significant. They are items which were left in the remains of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and were borrowed from the "Peace Museum' in Hiroshima.

Both the technique and the message compliment each other.

Next is the one which made me think for a second, its a moving image piece by R. Luke DuBois called 'Kiss' here's the video...

he reason why it made me think was because i didn't understand what sort of mood it provoked in me, with a name like 'Kiss' and to find out its lots of classic kiss scenes from films, I'd expect it to be quite warm and reminiscent...but instead it had high energy and had a black background and a sound track which made the whole thing really hard core. It made me think just how important sound is to a piece and how it can change the mood.

Over all, the whole exhibition didn't appeal to me, with a lot of it going over my head, yet saying this, as I've shown above, there were moments which did either appeal to me or made me think.

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