Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wash Studio | Portfolio Visit 2

I talked to a guy called Andy Walmaley from a studio called Wash Studio, I only had 20 minuets with him, and he was conscious of that too, which meant he just spewed out as much feedback as he could in the time we had.

I showed my train animation. I suppose its a mixture of not having enough time with him, me not explaining what it was about and the animation not actually being finished, but it just didn't seem to go down well with him.
He thought it looked visually brilliant and there was no faulting that (he also said it would have made a fantastic title sequence), but it didn't make sense. I feel I need to make a making of for this project which will really give a sense of how much work was put into it and what its all about.

I went one and played two Umbro pieces, which I did during my work experience at Love Creative, which he thought was good, as the dimensions of the piece created a challenge for me. He did go onto say that the sketch book work for it looked as if I'd done the piece then scribbled some stuff down to look as if I'd thought about it. I shrugged this off as I only had two days to produce the animation and most of the time i was worried about how to use after effects as I hadn't used it in a while.

I think the main point highlighted from this visit for me was that its my sketchbook which needs presenting better. In general when I looked at my stuff afterwards it made me realize that I do just scribble stuff down for only me to understand. I also seem to get ideas in my head then develop it in my head without writing it down, thats ok for me, but other people can't see it.

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