Monday, 12 December 2011

Holden and Sons | Protfolio Visit 3

I stuck to what I said, and didn't waist time by showing my show reel, instead I went straight in there with my ident, which went down well. It was nice as they got to see a contrast between both mine and jacks idents. They pointed out how the movement of the textures as the sun comes into shot adds to the piece and emphasizes the sun being in your eyes. I still feel the sound is not the best it can be in this piece, mainly as its very quiet. I really want to create a better sound for it as it will make the whole thing so much better. The making of for the ident, again, went down well

From looking at their website and seeing what they do, I decided on showing two pieces of work which I did at LOVE creative which was an umbro brief, as i thought they'd appreciate this more than my short train animation. They really seemed to like one of my executions for the brief, as i explained to them the meaning behind the concept before showing it. This is something i need to start doing with all my work when showing people, really giving the viewer some idea of what’s going on.

I finished with my latest project, Feel Good Drinks brief, its not even finished yet, but I'm really liking how its turning out, plus i was able to show my sketchbook work which shows my process.

Overall, what was good about this visit was that I realized how much I need to do towards sound in my animation. I wouldn't have noticed this if it weren’t for it being a joint visit. I haven't really got a finished piece which has great sound on it, and I feel sound really makes or breaks a piece of work. I really want to work on sound, especially for my final major project.

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