Thursday, 5 January 2012

While My Final Major Project Gently Weeps

For some reason I like books on artists songs, and how they came about. I have two on 'The Beatles', and it takes you through every song and tells you what the song is about or how it was created. 
One example would be how Paul McCartney got inspiration for the song 'Eight Days A Week' from a conversation with a taxi man on his way back home.
I thought I might get some inspiration on how to get a light bulb moment from looking through the book (for the eighth time)

"George was reading the I Ching, the Chinese book of changes, and decided to apply its principles of chance to his songwriting...he picked a novel off the shelf with the intention of writing a song based on the first two words that he came across. The words were 'gently weeps'" 

I thought this was quite a nice idea, and reminded me of an exercise in the first year of my coarse where we wrote down 12 different places, 12 different characters and 12 different scenarios (I think it was that anyway)  

Whilst it was still Christmas there were loads of games around the of which was my grandmas called 'scramble'.

The game has a load of different sayings and well known sentences which have been chopped up. The aim of the game is to find the other half of the saying or sentence you have. It was funny, because as my grandma is very old, so is the game, and as a result quite a few of the sayings and sentences were really out dated and i didn't know what they ment...or maybe I am just stupid. 
So what I did was grab three and randomly put them into some arrangement...these were the results...


I've had no luck so far as to what I can do with these, but it was a nice exercise.But still, the final major project is gently weeping...

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