Tuesday, 6 March 2012

FMP | Animation Style

My way of animating has developed due to the time constraints of the projects we get at university. I really enjoy frame by frame animation, but its so time consuming. But from watching loads of animations over the past 3 years i've managed to home in on a type of animation which I think works but doesn't require too much of my time, well sort of.

This animation by Dylan Forman starts to show how holding on a pose isn't too bad. Also, stretching the character within the inbetweens is something which I did a little of in the feelgood birds animation, but I think I can take it to the next step and really emphasize the stretches within my new animation, but I need to be aware that if the background doesn't have a looseness to them, it would look out of place. At the moment i plan on having the backgrounds quite loosely done, but if it gradually changes, i need to be aware of that before i start exaggerating the stretches.

This is another animation by Dylan Forman...

Again, there's lots of limited animation in there, but its real fast pace, which works well for limited animation as the faster the movement, the less frames are needed. I need to keep this in mind for my animation. There are slow bits within my piece, so i need to make sure i keep the frames to a small amount, but be weary that it doesn't look lazy or crap.

Lastly this animation by a US based studio called BUCK

There's actually a lot of frames and fluidity within the main character in this ad, but its the background character which I'm focused on; The busker and the bin man. You can tell there's less frames involved in their movement, maybe because there not the main vocal point of the piece and they can get away with looking a bit jittery, but I think it works well and feel even if they were the main character it wouldn't look too bad!

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