Friday, 7 May 2010

How They Got Away With it, I Don't Know

This came one on the 'Alternative Election Night' show (it was crap). I was in shock, by the ad, I didn't know what to think of it and how to take it (and still don't).

If you look at the comments on you tube, everyone have different opinions on it, vegetarians seem to hate it as its, in a way, making fun of killing animals to be eaten and is also very light hearted.

I think its not really advertising Irn Bru, but just putting a sensitive subject in front of their product to just gain publicity. Its seems quite blatant that that's what their doing which makes it seem very shallow and off-putting.
But at the same time, why can't we have an advert like this, its not showing violence or showing blood ect, just implying it, in a clever? way. Why can't we just accept that and laugh it off?

I'm swaying towards the side of not liking it, although i can sort of accept it as well, maybe I'd agree with it if it wasn't for such a shit cause.....a fizzy drink.

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