Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Neighbourhood[live brief] | 2 | Decisions

At first I wanted the decisions to speak for them selves and only have someone introduce the advert at the start by saying something about decisions, then ending with saying that with Lexus, you don't have to decide.

But after looking at these videos below (and also johnny Kelly's 'Procrastination' which should be in the above post?...i think it is) I made us explore the Idea of having a narration all the way through.

I didnt know what the narrator would say through the whole thing...would it be him or her saying the different decisions going past the screen? would they be explaininga situation where a dicisions needs to be made?
Dave Baguley, the producer, came up with a nice idea of what this person could be saying. Dave suggested that the narrator be giving an explanation of what emotions you feel and how you feel when making decisions. This was nice because we could look into the bad bits of making decisions and also the good bits.
I had a go at doing a script for this approach (and also another) but it worked well and people seemed to like it, it wasn't perfect and needed tweaks, but we used it as reference.

So yer, below are some of the inspirations for how we envisioned the script....

This one below, we liked how it builds up to a climax, telling loads of new years resolutions really quickly. We'd do the same, but add decisions instead of resolutions...

This one below, was more looking at explanations, when we wanted to enplane hybrid...but we didn't go down that route...

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