Sunday, 24 April 2011

Stockport College [live brief] | 5 | Construction begins here from April 20th till 23rd

I build the college...well the new building...well, a bit of the new building. Going with this Johnny Kelly Style

house to my self, so I migrated downstairs

Rough sketch of the net of the building...trying to figure out how it would all fix into shape

Measured out net on A4 paper (i had no bigger pieces, so i had to make do!)

Cut out net, with tabs to stick together

Top half done!

Top and middle bit done!

All done (in rough...stuck together with sellotape because I had no glue, so its bigger than it actually should be!)

Picked out the right colours from hobbycraft to do a neat one.



Me putting together the colour version...

This is the top half

 Another picture of the top half, which has more bits stuck down

Skipped a few steps/ forgot to take the middle section is done

Forgot to take even more I've finished everything, but I need to let the last bit of glue set, so I put a coaster, a can of strongbow, some sellotape and a copy of the 1985 live aid concert on top of it to help the glue set

This is a picture taken after realizing that I put too much weight on the box whilst the glue was setting

This is me looking intensely at the creation

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