Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Stockport College [live brief] | 4 | More Style Frames Ideas

Going with the block colour idea/ vision we have...I didn't know how to integrate it into the stop motion piece, but i think I've had an idea (theres hope for us all yet)

We went to look around Nexus in london at the start of March...nice place, already talked about them in another post, so I won't bore you all...but whilst there we were talking to Johnny Kelly who work in the roof of their building as an art director.

His work uses lots of block colour and looking at this piece (below), I think is really stylistic and fits with whats in our brains...its a lot (style wise) like Jacks popup book, with the paper cut out etc

The Seed from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

This (below) is the making of...if we were to get loads of coloured card and make our models to put in the book I think it would look really nice

Making of 'The Seed' from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.



These are the style frames I did for the popup. I made them off the sketches which were made by Ashleigh Butterworth, Jack Maguire, John Hind, Sarah Brewster and David Baguley

There not amazing, but they have some good ideas within them which came from the initial; showing the sponsorship of coca cola, having a map on the floor of somewhere for travel and tourism and so on.

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