Friday, 15 April 2011

Stockport College [live brief] | 2 | Style Frames

I'm looking at a style for this pop up book idea. This is how i originally thought it would look...

Sanna Annukka did this for the band Keane (below)...its the idea of no outline that I liked about it.

Same here with Dylan Forman. I think colour it vital in everything we gives the piece a much more professional look. I think sometimes we over look colour, so thats something we need to think about.

I liked the flatness of these screen grabs taken from an animation called 'Thursday' by Matthias Hoegg...also the colour again

Here's a test I did. To be honest, i dont know how it fits in with the stop motion pop up book idea yet...maybe its just the idea of using block colour for the building and camera etc...

Tell me if I'm wheeeeey off guys!


1 comment:

  1. I think your there with the block colour idea but it's a tad hard to visualise it in terms of stop motion in the book etc. Maybe if the next style is in a book/on a page that might help especially if it was at the same angle that we intend doing it.