Sunday, 3 April 2011

Stockport College [live brief] | 1 | Statistics and Pop Ups

We have a good idea for this brief, but one of the problems is how we will show the statistics within the piece. So its my job to look into this.

The way I saw it at first was having the text appear in the same style as the rest of it, for example, its going to be in a book, so it would appear out of paper (not the book) just another piece of paper like this...

yer, these...but reversed


Or maybe cater the text to a specific coarse, for example if the book opens on the chemistry page have some sort of chemical reaction which reveals the statistics.


Or...thinking about the tabs on popup books which makes things move and appear etc, have them reveal the statistics

the videos above arn't done by tabs, but it gives the sence of the reveal of statistics.

Video's with the pop up...

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