Saturday, 17 September 2011

A Push In The Right Direction

One of the main problems with my animation is that I have signs in the shape of arrows which show the way 'forward', but once it had been pointed out to me that they feel a bit out of place I started to see it my self. Its not just the sign, its the quotes that's on the signs as well which feel out of place.

I got pointed in the direction of billboards instead of signs which I thought would be quite a nice idea, its still inkeeping with my idea and story/ statement of the piece plus there bigger and more threatening than a tiny sigh with an arrow on it.

Brazil, what a film. I got told to watch the bit with the long row of billboards, but I figured I hadn't seen it in a few months, so I watched the whole thing again for kicks.

The idea of using billboards is such a nice idea, especially when looking at the 1950s ones which are there to advertise a better life style etc...

Now I just have the problem of what should go on the billboards. Do I put pictures on them? Do I put words on it? Do I keep the quotes I had initially?
Speaking of the 'quotes I had initially', I came to a conclusion that only the short ones work in the animation. the long winded ones suck eggs. Heres the animatic, if you want to see the signs and quotes...

Here's a style-frame which could get round my problem...

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