Sunday, 11 September 2011

Watching Television

Final with sound...

Cleaned up....

Rough version...


  1. loving your last couple of posts on your blog.. i know youre cuttin some frames out but there's still a lot of character and gesture in them that makes them enjoyable to watch.

    the watching tv one is a little difficult to read when he is changing channel.. i know it means doing more work but for example.. i dont sit cross armed watchin tv.. usually i have the remote pointed at the tv and only move my thumb when surfin.. however the little cough of his near the end is brilliant :) the colour test is good as well.. liek the tv flicker and the lamp light.

    just tell me to shut up if you want :P also.. WTF is your banner at the top of your blog?

  2. cheers for the feedback man!

    i know exactly what your on about...there are so many ways which people 'surf' through channels with the remote though, its just picking an exciting one.
    just wanted to start using flash again, i've been off it for so long!

    cheers for commenting though, i wont tell you to shut up because its nice to know peoples opinion :D

    as for the banner...who knows