Sunday, 6 December 2009

Lighting in Amateur Play Production

Went to see a Play in early November called 'Are Country Good', never really thought about it till now, but the lighting in these amateur productions is quite important .
There was scenes where there was just one spotlight on two characters, this helped the scene a lot as it meant the viewer was fixed on these two people and were not getting distracted by the person picking their nose on the other side of the theater. As well as not being distracted it also helps the illusion that your not in a theater and that you are in the time period the play was set in.

There was another scene where there was an actor in each corner of the stage with a spotlight on each one, it reminds me of this image....... you have a hat, a man sitting, and a man standing, your eye should go from one to the other. Good technique as it makes you look at the whole picture.
Going back to the play, it had four people in the scene, all you could see was the four people, nothing in the middle of the set & you couldn't see the audience on the other side. Your eyes went from one to the other as they spoke. The scene was enhanced by the lighting because it gave you places to look at.

There were scenes where it was all lit and there was about Six or Seven People on the stage and you didn't know where to look, som
etimes it was ok because it was suppose to be a busy scene, but it didn't work in others because it was a tenser scene and you didn't know who to look at, lighting certain people might have helped out those scenes.

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