Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Lighting in 'The Incredibles'

I'm not too keen on lighting, i don't get it. But this clip from disc 2 of The Incredible's shows this person who worked on the lighting on the animated film, which is making my understand light a bit better and how it can make a scene look good.

Whats nice about this clip is that she shows us the scene with white light and the light they actually used, i can really see the difference.

A film using white light through out the whole film (no film dose) looks really crap, what lighting dose is make a scene look jolly, scary ect.

I like the way she showed us a sinister scene (where the main character has been captured) with the lighting which was used in the final film, then showed us the same scene with a more golden tint to the scene which made the scene look less sinister, which convinces my that lighting is quite important in film!

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