Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Studio Pictures

Bohemian Rhapsody
We tried to replicate the start of the video of Queen's bohemian rhapsody in the studio.

Looking at this image (above) we had to decide were the light was coming from, the shadows on Fredi Mercury face shows us that the light is coming from above, but we thought there might be a spotlight on each singer and we only had one so we had to make do.

Are first attempt (above) looked really good until we did the second attempt, the first just had the light shining on to the subjects. It was too light, and everyones face was bleached out. Editing the white in photoshop would be imposable as it will just stay white, so we had to change something to make it better.

This image (above) was the final shot, the light is much softer and not so bright, also the clothes are lost in the black background unlike the first attempt.
We put a defuser on the light to soften it, then changed the exposure on the camera to let less light through.
Could have done with being a bit lighter and having some smoke round them, but over all im pleased with the image.

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