Thursday, 24 June 2010

Kerning | Error 4

Tescos is (like every other company out there at the moment) an 'official sponsor of England', obviously for the world cup and all.

They have this main 'slogan?' or 'title' which is "COME ON ENGLAND" which is pretty crap anyway, but that's not the clever bit. To be really different and original the 'O' in 'COME' is a Football! (no one has ever done that before!) It gets worst. The 'O' seems to think the 'C' smells and has shuffled to the right towards the 'M'. In other words some one did a lazy job.

Heres a picture off flikr which some one took of there local tescos (every single one is like this) you can't see the 'come on england' very well on this one (its below the 'what a save' sign, but the 'come on' is cut off) but still the 'what a save' has kerning issues but we will let them off on that one.

Took this picture today (below) at a tescos i don't work at (so people don't think I'm weird)

Its like that everywhere!, and now that I've noticed it, I can't un-notice it!

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