Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The 'Moving Image' Industry | General | First look

I don't know when I got given all this information,  I think it was after high school, going into college. What happened was we know someone who works with helping people find jobs (something like that anyway) and she took time to gather some websites and gave me some print outs of jobs in animation and such, which i thought was quite kind of her.

By now (three years on)  I thought I'd lost the printouts and wouldn't be able to remember the websites address, but! I've found four peaces (is that the right spelling of peaces? or is that peace and love?) of paper next to my feet which were given to me by this person, and there 'quite' interesting one or two paragraphs in it which I'll scan in (will update this post with the scans) they seem pretty relevant at first glance.

As for the websites, I'd booked marked one of them! looking back at it now, well it seems useful. The website is called Skill Set and it has, well (the page that I've put a link to is titled 'Jobs in 3D computer animation') it gives you a list of jobs associated with 3D animation.

You can click on some of the jobs and it will tell you more about that specific roll, for example if you were to click on 'animator' or 'runner' it will give you an idea of what that jobs is all about. I will look at it in more detail and give some of the main jobs and ones that i find interesting myself.

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