Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tom Cats

So this is what happened,

Dads friend Steve (the guy who gave me the info about treatments ect) has these books out, his publisher is re-releasing one of his series in the isle of man. Their Re-Releasing his book called 'The Courageous Cat Club', there are two of them out at the moment. Their releasing them in the Isle of Man because Steve has some connection with the island (something on the lines of his family came from there, I'll check that) his books are either to do with the island, or have some relation to the island.

So because their re-releasing them, they might have had new illustrations for the books. Steve asked me if i would be interested? I said i'll think about it (not being able to draw cats....), so for 2 days i drew cats to see if i could. I looked at videos of cats, looked at cats on my road (not in a stalky way) just to get proportions right, see how they hold them selves think you know something well because you see them so often, you'd be surprised.
I also looked at how other people draw cats in a more cartoon style after looking at cats in a realistic form, I looked at 'Simon's Cat', 'Aristocats' etc.

I thought, Yer go on, mention me (non of this is/was for certain, he was just asking really) i though it would be good to do as an exercise because of having nothing to do over the summer, plus it would keep my drawing skills up to scratch.

There's five characters in the stories (there's also additional people ect) but i couldn't just go ahead and start developing them if i didn't know who they were, i could have read the books as i have copy's, but i didn't really want to see the illustrations that's already in there from the previous person in-case i get them lodged in my head and end up drawing like that and basing the characters round what I've seen, rather than how I imagine them.

The Publishers now talking with the original Illustrator, trying to strike a deal, so looks like my cats won't be used. :( Enjoyed Drawing them thought.

Will put them on hear sometime................12 weeks later, here's a blog I set up for them, there's only a few on there though (no one will see this, because its buried in piles of newer posts! mwhahahahaa!)  

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