Saturday, 11 September 2010

7x7 | Before we knew anything...well we knew a few things

So we know what the brief is, don't know what much else yet....waiting patiently for tuesday.

 errrrr i was browsing youtube today and ended up watching 13 documentaries on each beatles album (4 minuets each) they came out in 2009 with the remastered albums.

I thought when watching them that this would be kinda relevant to this 7x7 brief. For every documentary they animate the album covers which looks cheesy on sum albums (Abbey Road) but worked on others (Revolver).

But the main thing to take from this is that every album cover is unique and most of them are well remembered, from the photograph taken at EMI's Manchester building on 'Please Please Me' to the artwork by Klaus Voormann on 'Revolver'.
The stuff we will be getting from the illustration pathway (from what i saw from the '6x6' booklet) could be limes with lips (photograph....kinda....will using realistic imagery) to guys with guns (flat imagery, like cartoon...ish) and from the videos below of two of the beatles albums (revolver and Abbey road) one being a photograph and one being a collage/ drawing could be helpful when finding out what we have to work with and how to bring stuff to life for 20 seconds.

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