Thursday, 30 September 2010

7x7 | Friday 17th September 2010

Nutshell - Made storyboards and from that we made a list of stuff to do....things changed in the storyboards after reading the text which meant we had to add and take away from the list of stuff to do. Ow yer, we also did a test.

(hey! by clicking on the pictures and scans it helps you see better!)

This text is from the above scans...

Me & Luke came together to talk about storyboards (we had said we were going to have a think over the two days off and draw up sum ideas) 
I pitched my ideas and worked off them, we got a first draft storyboard done which we could then tweak if necessary.
From looking at the storyboards I made a list of stuff we would need to green screen eg: trees, snow etc. A list of what we would need to animate eg: walk cycle, backgrounds etc. and lastly a list of stuff we will ask the illustrators to make for us. we decided that we would ask if we could draw some of the stuff because we thought that the list I made was too big, so to take the weight off them we would do a bit.

When talking with Chris we decided we decided that reading the text might alter somethings, which it would. ***just to point out, we did want to read the text from the start, but the illustrators didnt have a copy, I e-mails one of them to get it off them, but only got a reply after we read it on this day***
We realized the protagonist actually walks up stairs before falling down them, we had storyboards for him walking towards stairs, wanting to go down them, and slipping. So we went back to the storyboards and changed that, plus added stuff which became apparent once we had read it. ***the illustrators told us that it was a 'crap' story and I actually gave up reading half way, Luke picked up on most of the stuff which we added the the storyboards***

We also did one test to see how one of the more complicated shots would work, it worked well! and now we have a good motive to carry on with the project. When things start getting dry something that looks good boosts the moral of the team!

Next Tuesday we will pitch storyboards to illustrators and show the tests we did and ask them to make some of the things we made a list of. were hoping for a final design for the protagonist off them, fingers crossed as they didn't seem too organized at the first meeting (suppose we have to take into account that they have a lot of shit to do, or maybe I'm being too soft!)  

These are my storyboards which i came up with on the days off before the Friday session, which I pitched to Luke..

 From looking at the above storyboards, I made these lists below...

Once we'd read the text, theses changes were made...

Test of walk down street....

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