Friday, 1 October 2010

Colour Exploration

When it come to colouring stuff in, like a drawing, I'm awful. I don't mean I draw outside the lines! I mean the colours I choose are shit, they don't mix/ work well together which, as a result, makes the whole drawing look crap.

I wanted to do something about it, so I'm starting to mess around more with colour, doing quick stuff which might help me learn more about what works well etc...

I wanted to just draw stuff of Google with nice colours in them, because usually you see stuff on there or in book like 'the art of whatever' or in films you see colours which work well together and i say to myself either "there nice colours I'll remember that" or "that's easy to do"...........
No Tom, its not easy to do and you won't remember, when it comes to your own work it ends up looking like shit because you haven't thought it through.

So what has nice colours? I thought clouds do. There's loads of different kinds and they come in different colours, some are red when the suns setting, some are dark gray with a 'silver lining', theres all sorts and also the sky changes colour which is nice as you have a different background to work with each time which blends well with the colour of the clouds.
So i typed 'clouds' into google and grabbed ones i liked and put them into photoshop, then opened a new document and by taking the colours off the cloud image I was able to see what the colours where which made them look so good.

Heres three i did...

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