Thursday, 14 October 2010

Kinetic | What Does It Mean! (also some initial ideas)

 Such a broad brief, you can do a lot with the word 'Kinetic', you can go in soooo many different directions. But I think a good place to start would be to understand the word Kinetic.

Definition - 1. Relating to, or resulting from motion.
                   2. (of a work of art) Depending on movement for its effect.

that last bits quite nice 'depending on movement for its effect' it reminds me of chain reactions, Something moving leads to something else moving and so on and so on.....could be something in that?

 Helen said when they (the tutors) were reading the brief out, she immediately thought of lines/ arrows this lead to the idea of a journey, a literal journey? who knows, but I like it.
One idea which everyone took an interest in was about water. Water makes stuff move, like for example a message in a bottle, if it wasn't for the water it wouldn't move (unless very strong winds etc), this was linked to an idea Helen had about a journey.

Last night I wrote down an idea/ something i remember from the days in college. When visiting the Tate I sat in a room looking at something which someone had made....I took a picture of it....

What it was, was a load of mirrors attached to string (like a mobile....not the phone!) and then light shone on them, like a disco ball, and it made different light reflections on the white wall.  It relayed on movement and light to become a piece of art.

I was fascinated by this and I sat in there for a good 30 minuets (jack can clarify that!), but why did i sit there so long?
Well, it was always different. The light never reflected back in the same pattern ever again, which is why i never got bored of it.

When speaking in the group I talked about an idea of 'every movement is different' which started off in my head as walk cycles. taking a quote from 'The Animators Survival Kit'...

Thinking of 'every walk is different' I was also thinking about moods and how your walk changes depending on what mood your in....there's something in that as well.

This walk cycle idea lead to footsteps and how you never walk in the same place even if that's what your trying to do. Before we talked about the idea of footsteps, Bill joked about just presenting a room which we all just walk in and out, one after another, to show movement!....But why not! the idea of footsteps lends it self perfectly to this idea, because we can show (somehow) that even when doing the same thing, its always going to be different!

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