Thursday, 14 October 2010

Kinetic | The Team

Paul Underhill - Illustration
Tom Mathieson - Moving Image
Helen Porter - Graphics
Bill Morales - Graphics

Yer, I like my group, they all seem like really nice people. Spending most of Tuesday together we all seemed to get on well.......for now! nah, seriously, I have a good feeling about this.

Once we got the brief (after hours of waiting!) we all sat down and discussed. We did a mind map of 'what moves', now...we were all very jolly and talkative when making a tower for an egg, but all the team building exercises in the world cannot prepare you for coming up with ideas. when your on your own its hard enough, but to speak about an idea you have can be pretty tough. As well, to elabrate on other peoples ideas to come up with something cool also takes confidence and also quick thinking, or else your all just sat there.

This is the 'mind map', 'brain storm', 'ideas tree', 'political correct ideas board', what ever you want to call it, below.

The ones highlighted are ones which we thought were the strongest ideas...or ones we liked the most. We would talk to Ric (tutor) to hopefully get an idea of which ones he thought might have the most potential.

Thinking of ideas took us to the end of the day. For Friday we said we would research 'Kinetic' keeping in mind are initial ideas but also keep thinking of other ideas.

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