Thursday, 21 October 2010

Kinetic | A talk with Rick

We booked a session with Rick from Moving Image. We wanted to run through are ideas which we had highlighted in the ideas storm brain tree.

The feed back we got from Rick was good.....meaning he didnt like all are ideas, so it narrowed are amount of ideas down to about two or three.

Here are some notes i took when Rick was with us, he gave us some suggestions of artists as well.

We narrowed are ideas down to, like i said, two or three ideas.

1. Gravity

2. footsteps.

3. somthing else that i can't think of right now!

we then brain tree'd idea spider thought are three ideas (which ill shall put on here as soon as i can) to think of why we wanted to do these things, why they relate to kinetic etc..

This was successful as we started to see which ideas had the most possibility and deeper meaning. also we came up with more ideas to make them even better, so it was a productive session!

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