Wednesday, 6 October 2010

7x7 | Friday 1st October 2010

Nutshell - Started putting everything into aftereffects.

(if you click on the pictures and scans, the more stressful the brief gets)  

This text is from the above scans...

Started to put everything together in aftereffects, I made Imported all the files for the fallshot (the arms & man) & also started to animat him. I will be able to move the animation to the right time once all the other shots start getting imported.
I also made the three silhouettes needed for the animation in three different positions for each shot.

Luke made one of the backgrounds, the one needed for the last shot, it looked really good but once he gave it me to put onto after effects we realized about the snow and that in the animation its snowing, meaning we need snow on the top of the backgrounds (its a skyline) so snow needs to be on the top of the buildings. I did that quickly & it made it look really Christmasy, awwwwwwww....

Any way, next tueasdy, just going to keep on animating & making backgrounds....and also keep thiking of sonds which we might start testing. Luke also said he'd do some of the stairs over the weekend, so hopfully we might have some more stuff to animate straight away on the tueaday!
I's going to do somthing towards the fall...the shot before it, where he trys to balance himself.  


 These are the silhouettes which I drew then scanned in and added a pattern from the patterns we got the other day from the wallpaper store...

Then this is them with the pattern... the one on the right has been flipped because it worked better for the shot...
this (above) is are 'final' storyboard, he's walking, on the first frame, with the camera on his right shoulder, then on the third shot its on his left hand side....not good, never cross the imaginary line. That's why I changed it.

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